DevNet certifications

So - Chuck Robbins in his keynote speech at CLUS 2019 presented a whole new track of examinations for a new perspective.

Over recent years, the DevNet programme has blazed a trail with bringing development abilities to the next generation of network engineers, promoting programming and automation with all Cisco products.  Social media has been abuzz with incredible training and insights from the DevNet evangelists as we move into a new programmable networked world.

So, we say "welcome" to the new DevNet certification programme - designed for the developer who wants to build tooling and applications that need to interact with the network.  Built along the same lines as the new versions of the traditional engineering certifications, Cisco are introducing Associate, Specialist, Professional and (to follow) Expert level certs ...

Who are they for?

If 80% of what you do or want to do is around development methodologies, programming, APIs, then the DevNet certification programme is for you.

What does the programme look like?

The DevNet Associate will test you in the fundamentals of software development skills (python, git, JSON, REST APIs, ontainers, microservices, and CI/CD pipelines) along with understanding Cisco platform capabilities.  On completion, you will be able to build software applications as part of a team, network automation scripts and tools for logging, monitoring and testing.

The DevNet Professional will require you to pass a core exam that reflects specialised knowledge regarding the design, development and debugging of applications using Cisco APIs and platforms, and management and deployment of applications on Cisco infrastructure.  It will also need you to pass one of the Specialist exams - known as Concentrations - from DevOps Solutions and Practices to Automating and Programming IoT & Edge Platforms,  Enterprise, Security, Service Provider,  Collaboration and Data Center Solutions.

There will even be a DevNet Expert with a Lab exam to give you the equivalent of a CCIE for Network Application Development.

An exciting evolution for the DevNet programme, these will be delivered in conjunction with the Network Academies.

Check out for more info.  Also, check out the other certification announcements from the 2019 CLUS keynote.


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