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Why study for a Cloud networking certification?

So, why study for a Cloud Networking certification? So, that was a wake-up call! Just taken my first attempt at the AWS Networking Specialty exam and it was an experience!

I've been saying to my team for some time that in order to really understand the networking within cloud environments, and to get the optimum experience for customers in those environments, you need to really appreciate how applications are deployed, and the elements in AWS and Azure you need to make those applications reliable and scalable,

And if ever I needed confirmation of that, I got it this morning.  The exam has 60 questions for which you're given 3 hours to complete them.  You shouldn't need that, but my goodness, it's tough and just illustrates how the paradigm shift to Cloud highlights what we have known for years - DC (and thus Cloud) networking is all about enabling application flows.

If you're planning on looking into this (and as a networker you should - whether you believe everyt…