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Five Design Principles for the Network Architect - Simplicity

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So, across the articles in this series, we have covered most of the basic tenets of network design to ensure we have an available, supportable, secure network to implement for our customer.  Inevitably though, in any network there is a need to implement a wide range of capabilities - in order to interoperate between different vendors' kit perhaps; or maybe with a specific network operator for WAN connectivity; and of course we are highly unlikely to have an entirely green field operation, so the chances are we need to interact with an existing environment.

Simplicity vs Complexity

All of these bring a degree of complexity to  the network design, but also to the implementation and ongoing support of the network.  But when we say "complexity", what do we really mean?  Well, better minds than mine have considered this at length, and while there is no absolute consensus, a widely accepted definition might be where the network has a large number of interaction surfa…

What does it mean to be a Champion?

So, a couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to join a vendor advocacy programme - the Cisco Champions.  The idea as I understood it was that it was a way of getting pre-announcement product information so as to be in a position to help quickly spread the word when the press announcements were actually made.  It meant a couple of things to me: early access to interesting technical detail of upcoming product launches and access to help to develop my personal social presence.  Sounds great, right?  As a self-confessed network geek, and a follower of Cisco through their certification programmes, what better than getting to find out about new stuff early and keeping on top of trends?

Has it lived up to that promise?

Hell yes!  We have been able to watch up close and get the scoop  as events - such as the release of DNA Centre, acquisition of Viptela, maturity of ACI with its container integration, changing landscape of UC with Webex Teams and the Broadsoft acquisition - have re-shaped…

5 Ways Network Engineers Can Learn From Leonardo

I’ve just had a week away from the hustle and bustle of work, spending seven days with the family in the peace and tranquility of Meia Praia near Lagos in Portugal.  (Incidentally, I thoroughly recommend visiting the area if you’ve never been) While we were away, I resolved to plough through Walter Isaacson’s biography of Leonardo da Vinci, having thoroughly enjoyed the insights from his book about Steve Jobs. After starting it on the flight out, I turned the last page on the homeward bound Ryanair 737-800 about an hour out of Faro and felt compelled to write down my takeaways from it.

First things first, I’d strongly recommend reading the book. Isaacson doesn’t take a strictly linear path through Leonardo’s life but instead covers a series of main themes that gradually build to give a picture of a complex intellect. He can be a little repetitive at times as the threads cross over but they do all come together towards the end of his life to show how all the elements of his personality…